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The Academic

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Inspiration. Education. Motivation.

Inspiringminds: The Academic Convenient Store is committed to improving the way our students learn. In the same way many of us enter a convenient store to purchase one or two simple items is the same way we like to approach learning.  We enjoy finding fun ways to make learning simple and convenient. One way we do that is by focusing on one particular content area at time which allows students to munch on bite sized pieces of information.  During this time of Distance Learning, we also aim to simplify our operations and bridge the gap between education and technology, we do everything possible to create the best learning experience for our students.

About the Founder

Aisha K. Owens, M.S. Ed.

Aisha is an undergraduate of Cal Poly Pomona University, Go Broncos! She graduated with a degree in Psychology and earned a minor degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections. She spent a few years working as a Los Angeles County Children and Families Social Worker. She is also a graduate of Mt. Saint Mary’s University of Los Angeles where she earned her Master of Science in Education and her California State Teaching Credential. Aisha also spent a portion of her undergraduate education studying abroad in London, England.

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Aisha began her career in education over 16 years ago and has taught in various school, learning and training environments. Over the years, Aisha has participated in providing instruction for Saturday School, after-school tutoring programs, STEAM summer school and the California Science Center.  Aisha is committed to being a lifelong learning. In recent years she has become one of the California Teacher Performance Assessors for student teachers and collaborated with a major video game company as an Educational Consultant. In her spare time, Aisha enjoys bike riding, visiting the beach, dancing, and meeting new people.

If you have any questions about our admissions, contact us today.

Beehive? Wasp-hive? #science #nextgensciencestandards #spring2024 #summer2024
The Academic Convenient Store

Beehive? Wasp-hive? #science #nextgensciencestandards #spring2024 #summer2024

Beehive? Wasp-hive? #science #nextgensciencestandards #spring2024 #summer2024

A day in the life! #teacherspringrides #summer2024whereareyou?

The Academic Convenient Store Gives the Gift of Learning

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